Young Scientists from CSI attended the 14th Spring School of Immunology held by DGfI


From March 18 to March 23, the German Society for Immunology (DGfI) held the 14th Spring School of Immunology in Ettal, which is located in the southern part of Germany. Under the reference of Chinese Society for Immunology (CSI), Shuo Liu who is a postdoc from Zhejiang University and Yang Liu who is a PhD student from Peking Union Medical College together participated in this course.

Following past traditions, the Spring School was held in Ettal, a small town at the foot of the Alps. Leading experts in areas such as innate immunity, adaptive immunity, advances, related diseases and inflammation have given excellent lectures and conduct academic exchanges with young scientists. Also in the poster segment, young scientists had the chance to communicate with each other, thus in a five-day tense schedule, every young scientist have been full of harvest.

On March 18, Professor Michael Lohoff, chairman of DGfI, delivered a speech and introduced the general situation of DGfI. After that, a minute of self-introduction by young scientists was conducted. A total of 61 young scientists from Germany, China, Japan, Czech Republic, Kenya and other countries participated in the course, this brief self-introduction gives everybody a preliminary impression of each other's research field.

In the next five days, five experts from different fields have given talks about the project and the progress of their own research. In order to further increase the opportunity to communicate with the experts and professors, a question and answer session was arranged at the end of each daily report. The young scientists were randomly divided into five groups, and the five professors took turns to talk with them, which fully reflected the purpose of the Spring School to promote communication and deepen the understanding of each day's learning. In the evening after dinner, there is the poster session. Every young scientist could show their own work and the field of their research. Dr. Shuo Liu and Yang Liu also showed their work with other young scientists.

In addition, the Spring School also arranged relaxed contents in the daily afternoon, such as introducing the latest technology from the sponsor company technical staff, visiting the local monastery and Art Museum, practicing flow cytometry and so on, so that the young scientists could also appreciate the scenery and the culture of Ettal.

CSI and DGfI have maintained a close cooperative relationship, so before this course, DGfI also invited two Chinese young scientists to enter a well-known university laboratory in Germany for a one week exchange visit. Dr. Shuo Liu went to the lab of Professor Barbara Seliger at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg institute for medical immunology. Professor Seliger and the students in the lab gave her a warm reception. Professor Seliger introduced the overall research direction of their lab and arranged one student to communicate with Shuo Liu to show their research plans each day. In addition, Professor Seliger invited Shuo Liu to take part in the research progress report of the Institute with another laboratory in Jena.

The development of Chinese immunology cannot be separated from the support and help from international immunology. The long-term cooperation and exchanges between China and Germany provide more international communication opportunities for young scientists of both countries. We expect more young scientists in the future to benefit from it.