The Chinese Society for Immunology (CSI), a voluntary, national, academic, non-profit and non-governmental organization, formed from the national scientific and technical immunologists, is registered and established in accordance with the laws of China. CSI has grown out of the Chinese Committee for Immunology, which was founded in 1984, and became a member of the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) in the same year. The formal proceedings to establish CSI began in 1988 after it was approved and affiliated with the China Association for Science and Technology. In 1992, CSI became a member of The Federation of Immunological Societies of Asia-Oceania (FIMSA). Currently, the society possesses over 10000 members and 3500 members belong to the IUIS.

Zhigang Tian, MD, PhD

Xuetao Cao, MD, PhD

Official Journal of CSI

International Meetings of Interest

17th International Congress of Immunology
(October 18 - 23, 2019, Beijing, China)


Dr. Chen Dong’s group reveals a critical role for Tox2 and Tox in regulating Tfh differentiation

The Immune Landscape and Dynamics of Liver Cancer Revealed by Single-cell RNA Sequencing

Summary of the 17th International Congress of Immunology

Release Ceremony of Common Problems of Immunity and Human Health Popular Science Serial Books was Held in Beijing

Funding Opportunity for a 2020 Advanced Course

A Thank You Letter to CSI Members

Prof. Zhuowei Hu’s group reveals a crucial role of the Ubiquitin-Editing Enzyme A20 in alveolar macrophage during pulmonary fibrosis

Yuting Ma’s group discovered an unexpected link between mental stress and immune suppression during cancer therapies

Prof. Xuetao Cao’s group found a new mechanism for host cells to resist viral infection

Dr. Xiaoyu Hu’s group reveals a critical role for creatine in regulating macrophage polarization

Prof. Xuetao Cao’s group identified a viral DNA sensor in cell nucleus

Nature Conference “Grand Challenges in Immunology: Immunotherapy for Cancer and Beyond” was held in Qingdao

The 17th International Congress of Immunology (IUIS 2019) academic and organizing committee meeting was held in Suzhou

Prof. Xuemin Zhang and Prof. Tao Li revealed a crucial mechanism of cGAS activity regulated by acetylation